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Contacting Jacob

You have clicked on the "contact jacob" link so I'm assuming you want to talk to either Jacob or me. My first guess is Jacob but I'm not going to lie, I like getting mail just as much as the next person.

A few simple rules before emailing Jacob
1. Do not POSE as someone else, be yourself! No one is more unique than YOU, no one can be exactly like you, they might be able to act the part but they'll never be you, so be unique, be an individual, be YOU. It's possible that your email might be one that Jacob remembers for a long time, maybe you'll have a lot in common and become good friends, maybe you'll even get to meet! So please be yourself!
2. Allow time. Jacob gets over 100 emails a day from all his fansites and his official site, so if he doesnt get back to you right away, don't get upset, allow time. Jacob ALWAYS answers ALL of  his fan mail.
3. Don't give out your personal information like your last name, your school, or your phone number.
4. Don't ever send food, fan mail is fine but would you eat food from someone who you don't even know?
5. Have fun and come back again for great updates on Jacob.


Aim screenname:
O RiLey LoL

Or send him mail:

Write to Jacob at:
Jacob Smith
C/O QT Management
P.O. Box  360587
Los Angeles, CA

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