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Jacob Smith was born on January 21, 1990, in Monrovia, California. He has appeared:

  • as Dylan in the TV soap General Hospital in 1996.

  • as Ross Sloan in the TV series Walker, Texas Ranger, episode Iceman, on 10/4/'97.

  • as Kid at Party in the TV series Step By Step, episode Dream Lover, 10/31/'97.

  • as Justin in the TV series Meego, episode I Won't Be Home For Christmas, unaired, 1997.

  • as Owen Salinger in the TV series Party of Five, from1998 to 5/3/2000.

  • as Steven Edmon in the TV movie Nowhere To Go aka Silent Hearts, on 3/9/'98.

  • as Timmy Fimple in the movie Small Soldiers, which opened on 7/10/'98.

  • as Boy on tour in the TV series Hyperion Bay, episode Static, on 10/5/'98.

  • as Adam James Cordell in the TV movie Evolution's Child, on 10/22/'99. 

  • as Brian Riley in the TV movie Phantom of the Megaplex, on 11/10/2000.

  • in a Pepto-Bismol commercial in 2/2001.

  • as Jared in the TV series Becker, episode Elder Hostile, on 2/26/2001.

  • as Preston in the TV series Third Watch, episode ...And Zeus Wept, on 5/21/2001.

  • in a Toys-R-Us commercial in 10/2001.

  • as Jamie in the TV series Once and Again, episodes Pictures, on 12/14/2001, and One Step (Parent) Backward, on 3/18/2002.

  • as Justin Rollins in the TV series Family Law, episode Blood and Water, on 1/7/2001.

  • as Hansel in the movie, Hansel & Gretel, 2001.

  • as Ben in the movie, Dragonfly, 2/18/2002.

  • as Young Jim (Prufrock) in the TV series, Push Nevada, episodes The Color of..., 9/26/2002, Storybook Hero, 10/3/2002 and The Letter of the Law, 10/10/2002.

  • in an Olympus camera commercial, from 11/2002.

  • in a Wonder Bread commercial, from 1/2003.

  • as Tommy Ferguson in the TV series, Miracles, episodes The Ferguson Syndrome, 1/27/2003, and Little Miss Lost, 3/3/2003.

  • as Jake Baker in the movie, Cheaper by the Dozen (2003), 12/25/2003.

  • as Messenger Boy in the movie, Troy, 5/9/2004.

  • as Matt Palmer in the TV series, Without a Trace, episode Bait, 5/20/2004.

  • as Jake Baker in the movie, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, 2006.

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