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Welcome to Jacob Smith Online!

News: I have updated the "fans" page and I added some trailers, including the upcoming cheaper by the dozen 2 trailer, I added stuff to the random page, and I also added  new pics of Jacob in the photo gallery. Jacob has a new AIM screenname that he signs on to talk to his fans but keep in mind that Jacob only gets online every few days or so and when he does, he's usually bombarded with IMs, so allow time as you would when you send him fan mail.

About Jacob:
If there is any young actor out there who deserves to be described as the next Elijah Wood, it's Jacob Smith. This young man gives performances that make him seem wise beyond his years. He's a very mature performer, despite his age, and is capable of being both very intense and very understated. He was recently cast as an older Owen on Party of Five, and is given his own storylines, which he carries quite well. He's also shown a little bit of ability in comedy as the show calls for it. He recently starred in the TV movie Evolution's Child, in which he carried the movie. Even if you don't like Party of Five, it's worth watching it just to see Jacob in action.


Cheaper by the dozen 2 is currently being filmed in Toronto, canada and is slated for release in 2006
Troy will be filmed in mexico and is slated for release in 2004

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out of date email

Come on guys, I need some input. Visit the "fans" page and email me with ideas on what you want me to add to the site, it can be anything. I want YOUR input, YOU the fans. We'll credit you on the fan page and post a picture of you too. We encourage YOU the fans to help build this site into the number 1 Jacob Smith site on the web.  And let's get one thing straight before you email me, I AM NOT JACOB SMITH, I AM ONLY THE ADMINISTRATOR OF HIS FAN SITE